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A few days ago we released our latest DLC for Tales of Escape, "Estate Escape". When it comes out, I'm going to tell you about it.
Understood, I replied, trying not to show my irritation. But why then should we wait again for Tarrit's History to come out?
He smiled at me with his usual smile. "Just. Just. I work like hell to create a popular story. Come and buy it. Come here today and buy Tarrit's History. Log in today and benefit yourself and your comrades. While I'm on the stats...
We got to the information desk and I bought Tarrit's History for myself and for the Jutlander, then handing over the envelope, I said:
The commander nodded and handed the envelope to me.
On Tuesday evening, Nigel and I finished the work. Nigel argued with the authorities, and I sat and wrote articles. I wanted everyone who read these articles to feel the pulse of history. I did not want, as usual, to write about what I did not know. I had to, as always, dedicate myself to events that changed the world.
Daredevil and tyrant
Shortly before midnight, when I was so worked up that I could hardly concentrate on my work, our boss came into the office.
- Do you need something? I asked, to which he replied:
- A little bit later.
The chief, dressed in his usual dark suit and long brown cloak, sat across from me. He leaned forward and said softly:
- We need to write an article about how ... - he frowned, remembering - ... how the battles were going on in London ... - He hesitated.
I listened attentively to him, trying to remember all the events that he told me. He continued.
Maybe you have more interesting stories?
I shrugged.

I don't think there is anything I haven't done yet.
He said, "Don't lie." Then he got up, opened his desk drawer and put an envelope in front of me with the words "If you need help."
I looked at the envelope.
These were my own checks, which I always carried with me especially for such occasions.
The colleague chuckled and left the office. f02ee7bd2b